Free Pattern - Edged Coasters

Free Pattern – Edged Coasters

We love patterns and they come in all shapes and sizes! We want to share some more of our favorite designs with you. The edgings on these coasters give them a polished look that you won’t find elsewhere! Today we are sharing a great beginner project with this edged coaster pattern.

DESCRIPTION:  This is a square garter stitch coaster with simple eyelet edging.  It should be made with 100% cotton or other absorbent fiber (don’t you hate those stone or plastic coasters where the water just runs off or drips off the glass every time you pick it up?), and it’s machine washable and dryable, too.

SIZE:  about 4.25 inches square after machine washing and drying.




  • YARN: About 20 yards per coaster of 100% cotton worsted-weight or double-knitting-weight yarn, such as the easily available Lily’s “Sugar ‘n Cream” (95 yards per skein of ombre yarn, 120 yards per skein of solid colors) that I used for the samples in the picture. Another fabulous choice would be linen in worsted weight (or use multiple strands of a finer weight yarn).
  • NEEDLES:  Size 5 needles or size to give gauge.  Straight or circular needles.
  • MISCELLANEOUS:  Darning needle.
  • GAUGE:  about 5 stitches and 5 garter ridges per inch.

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Work back and forth.  CO 21 sts using a 2-stranded or multi-strand CO (see the end of the patt).  If you choose a single-strand CO instead, then add an extra row 1 to the beg of the patt.

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Row 1 (right side):  Sl 1 wyif, yarn back, K across.  NOTE – you will slip the first st of every row to make an attractive “chain” of sts that runs up the edge of the garter st.

Rows 2-3:  Rpt row 1.

Rows 4 (eyelet row, wrong side):  Sl 1 wyif, yarn back, rpt (K2tog, YO) across to 2 sts before the end, K 2.

Rows 5-32:  Rpt row 1.  At the end of row 32 you will have completed 14 right-side garter ridges since the eyelet row.

Row 33:  Rpt row 1 again.

Row 34 (eyelet row, wrong side):  Rpt row 4.  

Rows 35-37:  Rpt row 1.  End ready to beg wrong side row.

Row 38 (wrong side):  BO in K as follows — Sl 1 wyif, yarn back, (K 1, pass prev st over) across.  Cut yarn, pass end through last loop, pull snug.


Sew in ends on the wrong side.


Make placemats or a table runner by making the pattern wider and longer.  You can even put multiple eyelet rows in if you like.  A much wider version would also make a nice baby blanket.

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beg  begin(ning)
BO  bind off
CO  cast on
K  knit
K2togknit 2 together
patt  pattern
prev  previous
rpt  repeat
wyifwith yarn in front

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