steps for transferring patterns

3 easy steps for transferring patterns

In order to create a beautiful pattern, pattern transfer requires not only design skills but also patience and time. This is because pattern transfer involves a mind-boggling amount of drawn lines and patterns. If you want to transfer geometric patterns, by all means, go ahead and use the techniques below. However, if you want to create a pretty floral or abstract pattern instead, this guide will not be much help.

3 easy steps for transferring patterns

  • Apply the new pattern over the old one with fabric glue. I like Gorilla Glue for this purpose since it works with fabrics… and just about anything else in your house.
  1. Lay the two identical fabrics on top of each other, like this:
  2. Apply glue to the old patch that you want to cover and then wait for it to dry. I used thick steamy hot glue for this patch since I was working with fabric, but you can use a thinner glue if you prefer.
  3. Add a little more glue on top of the new patch and place it gently over the old one… wait for it to dry again… and you are done!

Now it is easy to remove the old design and replace it with your new creation.
As you can see in the photo above, make sure that the new patch covers all of the old patch. If there are any gaps or holes anywhere, then you will have a hard time pulling off the old design later on.

 If this is your first time transferring a pattern like this, then you might want to practice for a few minutes before proceeding with my examples below. Just grab a pen and a piece of scrap paper and follow these 3 easy steps.

It is not easy to see the design underneath the patch, but it is there.

Just keep adding more glue and apply it over the design to cover it up completely.
The finished pattern transfer will look like this when you are done… and you can do this in 10 minutes or less!

Here is an example of a pattern that I transferred using this technique. It is a very old patchwork quilt from 1859 and the design is called ‘Snowball’…

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It was made in Mississippi and sold for $7.50.  I have a very similar design from the same era which I will share with you one day. But my version is not nearly as nice as this one since it has been passed down to me through many generations of careless family members…


Transferring patterns is a lot easier than it appears. It is just a matter of knowing the right technique and making the right preparations beforehand. I hope that this guide will help those who are new to patchwork and quilting. Good luck and have fun!

Yes, pattern transfer is easy if you follow these 3 steps… but patterns do not always come out as planned. Pattern transfer requires patience and time, so don’t give up! But if you have been having trouble transferring your own designs…

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